mardi 11 novembre 2008

Stolen from strangers

Jun Miyake New album "Stolen from stranger"[drape harmonia mundi]

Vous souvenez-vous, la grande soirée de nouvel an organisée par minimix et colette au Palais de Chaillot en 2000. Il était là, il jouait, alors que Philippe Découflé et sa
troupe improvisait en symbiose. C'était merveilleux. Trois années plus tard, minimix organisait avec la charmante équipe du Nouveau Casino un concert inoubliable, lui aussi.
Notre chouchou Jun Miyake vient de sortir un album sublime. Un casting de rêve: Arthur H, Arto Lindsay, Vinicius Cantuaria, l'Orchestre Symphonique de Bulgarie et des Voix Bulgares , Lisa Papineau , Rémy Kolpa Kopoul....
La mise en scène artistique et les photos de l'album sont réalisées par Jean Paul Goude.

*Cette semaine, en selection sur FIP, 105,1 youpii!
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*26 Novembre à minuit à la TV / France 3 – Emission "Ce soir ou jamais"
Live show + interview ( on air) Jun Miyake with Lisa Papineau

STOLEN FROM STRANGERS , 13ème album de Jun Miyake , pianiste , compositeur et trompettiste ne vous laissera pas indifférent . C’ est une palette de couleurs musicales entre le Brésil , le jazz , les chants bulgares , la trip hop, la chanson française ... un véritable voyage initiatique d’une délicatesse infinie.
En 2008 et 2009, il travaille avec Grace Jones et David Byrne pour plusieurs grands événements de concerts en Grande Bretagne et outre-Atlantique.

Quelques photos de la soirée de lancement du disque

Jun, Remy Kolpa Kopoul et Jean-Paul Goude


Arthur H était là aussi.

Master Philippe Découflé playing with Sheena

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Ancien élève du vénérable Terumasa Hino et transfuge du Berkley College, Miyake consacre une grande partie de sa carrière à la musique publicitaire (très connu au Japon pour les spots Sony entre autres) et cinématographique, tout en créant ses propres albums en collaboration avec des fans de taille comme Hal Willner, Arto Lindsay (déjà!) Peter Scherer et bien d’autres.
La musique de Miyake voyage entre l'inspiration bossa nova, composition contemporaine, expérimentations électroniques, effluves de musiques inspirées par le jazz et les musiques du monde ...

Like reading Thomas Pynchon with your ears… Beside this, John Cage's emancipation of noise sounds like a polite little art-school exercise in smugness." Slakk Magazine a very influential musician / trumpeter in and around Tokyo music scene * Had released thirteen album as an eccentric artist * appeared as a guest soloist and served as a producer for numerous artists. * Collaboration with contemporary dances and theater pieces with Pina Bausch, Robert wilson,Philippe Decoufle, etc * Co-produced album with people like Hal Willner, Vinicius Cantuaria and Arto Lindsay "About three years ago, I received a tape of Jun Miyake's Music through a mutual friend. The tape knoked me out. In less than an hour, I heard almost every type of music on the earth pass by, in a consistent way, by an artist who was obviously in control of the proceedings. Jun has an incredible understanding and command of all musical languages, unlike anyone I have ever encountered, and in my musical travels, that is quite a feat. There is also a lunacy present, which never got in the way of the overall vision. I wanted to work with this guy ! The album takes the listener on a very unique journey always guided by Jun's unique yet familiar arrangements and his playing which shows up at the perfect moment.This is a magical audio movie that strongly holds together as one piece, while taking one through a surreal history of music. In my own work, I have taken the strong catalogues of Thelonius Monk, Nino Rota, Kurt Weil, Walt Disney and others, using artists including Tom Waits, Sun Ra, and Gil Evans, Keith Richards and Leonard Cohen, interpreting the music in my life long pursuit in finding where these personalities meet. In Miyake, we find all of this in one person really. His music is sophisticated but not hi-brow a sense of humor." Hal Willner 1993, about the album "Entropathy"........ < Short Bio > Soon after Jun Miyake came back to Tokyo from his study in Boston and New York, He started to work as a Jazz trumpeter, his style of playing was immediately respected and offered chances to make solo albums with people like Ron Carter, Al Foster, Michael Brecker, David Sanborn, etc as well as Japanese top musicians.The success of the albums were't just for his playing. He started to get offers of composing for commercials, his work quickly became so popular that at one point, he found himself writing music for more than 300 commercials a year for the biggest clients in town. He also work for movies and features film credit among which Oliver Stone's "Any Given Sunday", as well as collaboration with contemporary dance and theater pieces with Pina Bausch, Robert wilson, Philippe Decoufle, etc. His ability to blend the most seemingly disparate element of music garnered him several awards.