vendredi 5 septembre 2014

Design Forever - Pierre Paulin in Tokyo

                                                                                                            Ribbon chair Artwork: Laurent Debraux

September 2014, Tokyo,  “Pierre Paulin - DESIGN FOREVER” at the CHANEL NEXUS HALL.

 Pierre Paulin is a legendary French designer who added a new page to the world of design. He hammered out forms no one else had thought of before, instantly created new trends with works such as his "Ribbon Chair" and "Tongue Chair," and has been highly regarded worldwide. For the past 60 years, our everyday lives have been wrapped in the gentle forms of Paulin's works, which have merged with and become part of our lifestyles.

 The first Pierre Paulin exhibition held in Japan, the exhibition space placed in the hands of the globally active architect Shigeru Ban, lighting designer Akari-Lisa Ishii and curator Eko Sato.

Each of Pierre Paulin's works can be called a piece of art, and so we offer them to you in a presentation full of his sense of both the plastic and the poetic. It will bring you a special experience involving an "appeal to the senses" quite remote from materialism.