lundi 12 janvier 2015

Je suis Charlie, Behind the Logo

Simple and powerful. Wednesday, January 7, learning the attack against "Charlie Hebdo" Joachim Roncin publishes a graphic message on twitter. Since then, his "I'm Charlie" went around the world.
Joachim Roncin, 39, is the creator of the slogan "I'm Charlie" which since the terrorist attack Wednesday, January 7th at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, was taken 3.4 million times through the world a sign of support for murdered cartoonists. It became, in a few days, one of the most popular hashtags in the history of Twitter.
Chance which is not completely one, Joachim Roncin too, works in a weekly, namely the free
paper Stylist, distributed 450,000 copies at the exit of the Parisian subway entrances. He is the artistic director since its inception two years ago. If this publication, funded solely by advertising, has no point in common with Charlie, his chief model maker has not felt the least compelling need to express outrage by tweeting a few words - three to one-half hour after the announcement of the carnage.
"This slogan came naturally"

"We were writing conference when one of my staff told us that there had been a shooting in Paris, he said. We rushed to the news of our computers son. I seemed to have been affected by this attack, like everyone else. Since I am someone who works in the world of the image, I preferred to symbolize my grief rather than express. This slogan came naturally. I wrote "I am" with typo our magazine, and I attached the logo of Charlie Hebdo. That's it. »
Joachim Roncin mostly took care not to drop its slogan from some intellectual protection agency. "It belongs to me. I only create it, it must remain accessible to all. It is not I who gave birth to the Solidarity movement that forms throughout France, it is social networks, "he pressed. At least two commercial proposals happened to him in order to make "I'm Charlie" brand, with copyright, derivatives and the whole shebang. "If some want to drop the name and make money with it, too bad for them, if he offended in advance. I have my conscience. »
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