mardi 11 mars 2014

Sweet banks - Des banques comme des bonbons

    Shinkin Bank Tokiwadai Branch

    Shinkin Bank Shimura Branch

Les banques Sugamo Shinkin ont fait appel à une jeune architecte française,  Emmanuelle Moureaux pour  apporter une vision nouvelle de la banque. Ici, pas de plaques ni de logos de banques, le bâtiment lui-même représente l'enseigne.
Banks like colorfull millefeuilles, like cube games,  designed by the young architect, Emmanuelle Moureaux in Japan.

    Shinkin Bank Egota Branch

Inspired by the Japanese traditional sliding screens, Emmanuelle Moureaux has been developing “Shikiri”, a new concept which literally means “dividing space with colors” in English. She creates spaces using colors, not as a finishing element applied at the end of the design process in order to decorate the space, but as three-dimensional layers, which create the space. By a very distinguished use of colors, she designs new concepts, new atmospheres which give emotions  to people.(Photos:  Nacasa&Partners)